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17th January 2018 
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Crooked Angels and other stories

Crooked Angels and Other Stories

'After years of pain, I was facing spinal surgey and my wife suggested Alexander as a last resort. I was sceptical to begin with but Carol's relaxed, non-dogmatic approach won me over. I began to do the "Alexander lying down" she suggested and now I wouldn't be without it. The lessons worked. They really did.'
Frank Chambers, restaurant manager.

Alexander 'worked' for me too. My recovery from RSI meant that my sixth book, Crooked Angels was published soon after I became a Teacher and my ninth, Out of Winter has just come out.

What I've most enjoyed about teaching is the individual way in which people learn.

While the Alexander Technique has a clarity to it - in essence, that we learn or re-learn how to use ourselves well - the way in which each person comes to this discovery is different.

I have taught a variety of people with conditions which include RSI, migraine, tension, back pain, sciatica and problems with posture. Some pupils, like actors and musicians, have simply wanted to improve the way they use themselves so that they can work - and play - more effectively.

Crooked Angels and other stories #01

John, aged 70, a history of a good working back

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