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17th January 2018 
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About Carol Lee
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'The story, the history of your life
is told in your body'

Renzo Molinari



I first came to the Alexander Technique after waking one morning in August 1995 to find that I could barely use my arms.

Having played tennis the day before and being an active person, this was a mystery to me, which soon developed into a nightmare. I was a full-time writer, the author of a play, short stories, articles and five books, and soon discovered I was unable to work.

At the time, X-rays could find nothing wrong, but I was later told I was suffering from RSI (repetitive strain injury), a condition which was barely recognised at the time.

Unable to find help, a friend suggested going to Renzo Molinari, an internationally renowned osteopath. He said I had a great deal of tension in my body which I wasn't aware of. Bad habits had resulted from this, like hunching my shoulders, for example, which had caused strain in the whole of the upper part of my body.

He suggested the Alexander Technique as a way of learning to use myself with more ease.

Within a few months of beginning Alexander lessons, I was free of pain and felt I had more room in my body to move - as if I had previously been living in a smaller space. After six months I decided to become a teacher and have been teaching and writing ever since.

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