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17th January 2018 
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About the Alexander Technique
About the Alexander Technique #01

'It's been a revelation to me to be free of pain which I had suffered from for years. The Alexander Technique makes perfect sense to me.'
Norma Preston, Hospital nurse


Alexander teaches you how to use your body well rather than badly. People come to it for a variety of reasons, including:

Poor posture

We are called Alexander teachers because the work takes place through lessons which involve using the mind as well as the body.

During a lesson, your teacher will use words as well as his or her hands to begin the process of unlocking what are called 'poor habits of use', which are usually unconscious.

Alexander work has similarities with learning a musical instrument, say a violin. Your teacher will ask you to demonstrate how you currently use your instrument (your body): how you sit, stand or walk. From this observation the process of effecting change begins.

Lessons involve a teacher working with your head, neck and spine to begin releasing tension, while at the same time, involving you in understanding what is taking place.

The number of lessons varies from person to person and is negotiated between the teacher and pupil.

Many eminent people have benefited from the technique, including Juliet Stevenson, Helena Bonham-Carter, Ralph Fiennes, Ben Whishaw, Baroness Joan Bakewell and George Bernard Shaw, who had lessons with Alexander himself.

The Alexander Technique
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